Spain and Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets claims diving is a smart tactic, not a negative part of the game.

Sergio Busquets is never going to be the most popular player unless you’re a Barcelona supporter.

Whether he’s rolling around the floor and having a cheeky peak at the ref or trying to get someone booked, Busquets is one European based player with a widely accepted reputation for play acting, diving and generally pulling the wool over the eyes of the ref.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is someone who does have a history with the Spaniard and an intense feud with Barcelona from his time as Real Madrid boss openly attacking the negative side to one of the greatest teams in football history.

Mourinho recently took the opportunity to speak about the incident in the Champions League match between Barcelona and Celtic, where Brazilian forward Neymar rolled around as though he’d been shot which led to Celtic captain Scott Brown being shown a straight red card.

“I hate it. For me what happened this week in Glasgow [when Celtic captain Scott Brown was red carded in an incident with Neymar] and Amsterdam [when Balotelli appeared to dive and win a last-minute penalty against Ajax] is sad,” Mourinho told the Sunday Times.

However, according to Busquets Mr Mourinho, you’re wrong, very wrong indeed.

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Busquets has amazingly come out with justification for diving, suggesting it’s a tactic just like any other tactic which can be used to win a game of football.

“Play-acting? It’s not play-acting, it’s being smart. It’s a debate we shouldn’t be having, because that’s not the real issue. It’s all too easy to label people,” Busquets told a Spanish radio station.

Granted, there are much deeper problems in football which need to be dealt with such as various forms of discrimination but to suggest that diving is something that should be openly embraced is very wrong.

Any Spanish youngster reading or hearing Busquets comments is going to be given the completely wrong impression and Mourinho is right to suggest that if it happens in the Premier League, he’s going to say something about it.

“If it happens in this country, where I work, make my money and live, I care. I feel I owe the country something,” Mourinho added.

You won’t be alone Jose.

What do you make of Busquets’ comments?

image: © tpower1978