Calvin Johnson’s return is quite likely for Detroit Lions vs. Browns

“He set an NFL record last year, and he had very limited practice time,” Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said.

US-comedian Frank Caliendo tweeted out before the Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers game: “With Megatron inactive, I think the Autobots will beat the Decepticons fairly easily today.”

Caliendo was right on the money. Without their main force on offens,e wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who got his nickname because of his superhuman-like strength similar to the powerful antagonist in the Transformers stories, the Detroit Lions were totally out of place and lost fairly 9-22.

Furthermore wide out Nate Burleson was sidelined with an injury too. His return is still questionable.

A lot of offence was sitting on Detroit’s sideline last weekend. Fans are hopping that this will change next Sunday when Detroit will face Cleveland Browns.

A good sign is that Megatron “is improving every day” from the knee injury the Lions said.

However head coach Jim Schwartz is preparing like last week with having a game plan ready in his desk drawer for every scenario there is.

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Cleveland Browns can’t rely on a sidelined Calvin Johnson, who sat out last week only for the fifth time in his seven season.

He showed before that he is capable of putting up huge number without practicing a lot. Seeing WR Johnson not on the practice field much this week is not a reason for Schwartz to let him rest on the bench next Sunday.

“We’ve been through that before with him,” Schwartz said. “He set an NFL record last year, and he had very limited practice time for a significant portion of that. So we'll take it as it comes. If he can get out on the practice field, that's great. If he can't, then we'll wait until the next day.”

As the Lions rely heavily on Johnson’s health the Cleveland Browns defence with second year cornerback Joe Haden has to get ready for Johnson as well as a return of the durable All-Pro wide out seems quite likely.

A tough task for Browns defence lies ahead.

Will they be able to stop Megatron like Optimus Prime did so many times with the Transformers?

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