The Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, and St Louis Rams feature.

The fifth Sunday of the NFL season is in the books and here are a selection of the best plays from the days games.

Peyton Manning TD run v Cowboys

Peyton Manning may be a great quarterbacks of all time but he his not known for his running ability, RGIII he is not! This play showed his genius as he faked out not just the Cowboys defense but also the entire crowd and the cameraman. He didn’t need much speed because he was on his own to walk into the endzone. He helped the Broncos continue their record-breaking start to the season.

Indianapolis Colts block field goal and score TD

There’s nothing more exciting than a blocked field goal but Indianapolis topped it off by returning it for a touchdown. To beat the Seahawks they needed some big plays and that is exactly what they got.

Luck hits Hilton for a long touchdown

Andrew Luck engineered a win against the fearsome Seattle Seahawks defence on Sunday and put together a few big plays along the way. Normally you wouldn’t try and attack Seattle’s Richard Sherman, the best cornerback in the league at the moment, but that’s exactly what Luck did by hitting TY Hilton for a 73-yard TD pass. Hilton beat the coverage and then beat Earl Thomas to get into the endzone. The Colts are for real.

Rodgers and Jones burn Lions secondary

Aaron Rodgers once again showed off his arm and his big play ability when he found James Jones for an 83-yard touchdown pass. This play opened the game up and sent the Packers on their way to beating the Detroit Lions yet again at Lambeau Field. Jones did well to spring away from the defenders and find the endzone sending the Packers back to 2-2 and put there season back on track.

Giordano returns Gabberts’ poor pass

An interception returned for a TD is always an exciting play and this was no different as St Louis’ Giordano made his way back down the field to score a long TD return. It was a terrible throw from Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert and Giordano took full advantage of the mistake. The Jaguars can’t wait for the season to end so they can get their hands on a proper quarterback, they play the Broncos next week which could be the most one sided game in NFL history.

image: © Jeffrey Beall