A perfect start for the Saints sends them towards a Super Bowl challenge

For all the talk about the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks being the best in the NFL there has been little attention on the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints, like Denver and Seattle, are 4-0 and looking very impressive in their games so far this season. Last night they routed the Miami Dolphins and dominated the game from start to finish.

We all knew their offense was going to be as explosive as ever but the play of their defence, now under Rob Ryan, has been the biggest surprise they have been a marked improvement on last season.

The return of suspended coach Sean Payton has obviously played a big role in their turn around so far this year, his relationship with quarterback Drew Brees is one of the closest and best in the NFL.

Seattle and San Francisco could have a tough challenger to their NFC crown if they can continue playing in this way. If you look at the NFC South you will find that New Orleans have the only winning record and are already in poll position to take the division title along with a playoff berth.

The one concern Saints fans may have about their chances to go all the way to the Super Bowl again will be their running game, it is almost non existent. No matter how good a teams’ passing game is you will still need to have some kind of rushing game.

It will allow opposition defences to sit back and ask the Saints to beat them on the ground and at the same time effectively taking way their offensive strength.

Their rivals for the NFL crown will all have solid defences so they would be able to employ this strategy and stifle the Saints offence.

Though it may be a worry I’m sure that at this stage Sean Payton and Drew Bress would back themselves against any team in the NFL - Even the Broncos.

image: © David Reber Hammer Photography