Tottenham fan: The FA are weak and the Y Word proves it

Every year the same controversial topic of debate arises, ironically around the same time Tottenham face Chelsea and just like everything else the FA is involved, often ends with a weak conclusion.

David Baddiel, a Jewish Chelsea fan, is at the forefront of a campaign to ban the term "yid" in football as he believes it is discriminatory towards Jewish people.

He has given his backing to proposals from the Football Association for Tottenham fans to cease using the term.

Three seasons ago when I went for the first time to Stamford Bridge, a video played on the screen across the stadium which showed opposition fans singing taunts including "Spurs are on their way Auschwitz, Hitler's gonna gas them again" shortly followed by a hissing sound.

What I struggle to comprehend is how the banning of "yid" would stop this abuse. After all, if you're sick enough to mock the murders of six million Jewish men, women and children then I guess a monkey taunt to an opposition player is just as easy.

Essentially what David Baddiel is doing is a poor excuse of eradicating discrimination in football. What the FA must do is eradicate the perpetrators and not the victims of the abuse.

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All which would be done is the change from the anti Semitic abuse to racial abuse or probably even homophobic slurs. What is Baddiel suggesting in real life terms? He's essentially arguing that victims of racial abuse should be locked inside or have to "whiten" their faces instead of punishing the people responsible to eradicate the problem.

What about the realistic nature of this then? How could "yid" be banned in a football stadium? Well it can't. Calling a black person a "n*****" isn't considered a negative thing if the person using the term is black, but in fact has often been used as a stereotype of black people. Surely this means that for the term "yid" the same rule would apply? Would only Jewish people be allowed to use the term?

Yid is a term of embrace and welcome, one which only top players receive. I'm not saying that Baddiel is wrong in trying to reduce discrimination in football, but in fact his actions should be praised.

My question to him is why doesn't he want bans for the people who he is exposed to when he sits at football and hears these chants?

Is it because Stamford Bridge would then struggle to sell out? Of course not, it struggles to sell out as it is.

image: © firepower23

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