Tennis Skirts as Workout Wear

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I ran into a friend on the street this past spring. "Oh!" I said. "I didn't realise you played tennis." She replied: "I don't," then offered no explanation as to why she was wearing a little skirt.

A few days later, I started noticing more women wearing tennis skirts where previously there had been shorts, and then I started seeing them for sale everywhere, and not as tennis skirts, but as running skirts, and skorts. And then it hit me: Most women look better in tiny skirts than shorts. So why not?

I grew up wearing tennis skirts – and playing tennis. Did I play tennis so I could wear a little skirt? No. But was it a bonus? Definitely. As I prepared to take tennis back up two years ago, the first thing I did was buy a few new skirts. Then I booked myself in a tennis clinic.

A few weeks ago, on an active outing with my family, I donned a tennis skirt and threw my shoulders back. I wasn't going to feel like a poser because I was wearing a tennis skirt on my way to ... run down the street and go to the playground with my kids. But I did. But I kind of didn't care, because ultimately, I looked cute.

Because I am not a runner, I've completely missed the running skirt phenomenon that has billowed around me for, like, the past five years, ever since professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom started competing in them (err, 10 years ago). Running skirts are big business, and naturally, she has one of her own. They come in different lengths, and some even come with tights for cold weather. Every major sportswear manufacturer is making skirts, and they all come with built-in bottoms. (No need for the separate outer-undies with ball pockets – and ruffles on the bottom – like the ones I used to wear under my tennis skirts.)

In fact, the only difference between running skirts and tennis skirts is the ball pocket sewn onto the built-in shorts. I am now unsure the tennis skirts I bought two years ago are even tennis skirts. What if they're running skirts? I'm going to check. OMG. They are all running skirts.

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