Can the Kansas City Chiefs go from worst to first?

The Kansas City Chiefs won their third game of the NFL season last night beating the Philadelphia Eagles 26-16 at Lincoln Financial Field.

Quite unremarkable news you may be thinking but when you consider that this Chiefs team won just two games in the whole of last season it is some achievement.

It has long been said the draft, where the best college players are picked each spring, helps to level the playing field in the NFL with the worst team of previous season having the first pick.

There’s no doubt that teams have been able to turn their fortunes around through the draft but it usually takes a few seasons before the full transformation is seen.

The Seattle Seahawks are a good example of this, only a few years ago they were struggling for a winning season and now they are one of the best teams in the NFL.

The Chiefs have undergone changes to their coach and quarterback during the offseason and it seems to be paying off. Andy Reid and Alex Smith have brought a great deal of experience to the team which was dubbed as ‘the best 2-14 team ever’ last year.

No one will know how long this run will last, it is likely they’ll be in the playoffs but it may be a few seasons before you see them challenging for Conference championships and Super Bowls.

A young talented squad with a experienced coach will go far and the other AFC teams had better watch out for the Chiefs because they could spring a few more surprises this season.

Going from worst to first in their division will be difficult with the Denver Broncos standing in their way with momentum behind them they could hurt teams this season.

Personally it is great to see teams who have struggled over the past few seasons experience some success. The league is full of young talented teams, they should be fun to watch over the next few years.

image: © out of focus