Go Long or Go Home

MMzS Lizard Tassel

The long necklace can be a tricky thing. On the right person, it can finish an outfit. On the wrong person, it can, well, totally finish an outfit.

At its worst, it can turn an otherwise youthful, hip woman into a middle-aged frump. Would the necklace look better on her mother? Did she inherit this piece from her grandmother? Is it contradicting her look? Or does the necklace, quelle horreur, fall to the location of her 'trouble area'?

Yes, you've guessed it. I am this woman. I struggle with the long necklace. I have great legs and a less-than-great mid-section. I also have a collection of long necklaces that sit neglected in my jewellery box (some of which are indeed from my grandmother). I never wear them.

But all of this is about to change. For starters, I've realised that most of them aren't long enough, which makes them (err, me) look frumpy. My necklaces need to be either short (18"/45cm), medium (24"/60cm), or really long (36"/90cm). Somewhere in the middle (28"/70cm) is just too non-committal. The mid-length ones I want to wear, I'm taking to my jeweller for shortening. The rest are going in my kids' dress-up box.

So what opened my eyes? My newest acquisition from jeweller-to-the-bankers, MMzS.

You may recall we featured MMzS a few years ago. Banker with excellent taste made redundant in the crunch, studied jewellery design and started a business, went back to banking, and still has her business.

One of her new pieces for autumn is a lizard tassel on a long, chunky chain, and it's beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that my husband is giving me one for my birthday. It's on-trend and classic at the same time, and best of all, about to finish my outfits in the best possible way.

MMzS Lizard Tassel

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