Alpha Bravo Charlie

Zulu Warriors FC Georgio

"My name? Balzer: B as in boy, A, L, Z as in zebra, E, R." Oh no, it's not.

Before the days of online booking, I always felt cool writing down airline confirmation codes from telephone agents.

"Echo, Tango, Number 9, Charlie, Alpha, Number 1, Number 4, Golf."

"Got it," I'd say. "Thanx."

So why am I giving my name incorrectly these days? I guess I forgot. Or I just needed to revisit the NATO phonetic alphabet to know that my name is Sarah with an H, Balzer: B as in bravo, A, L, Z as in zulu, E, R. As for the meaning of 'zulu', it's an ethnic group 10 million strong in southern Africa, founded by a chief named Zulu in 1709, that speaks the Zulu language and raises the Zulu breed of sheep.

A – Alpha

B – Bravo

C – Charlie

D – Delta

E – Echo

F – Foxtrot

G – Golf

H – Hotel

I – India

J – Juliet

K – Kilo

L – Lima

M – Mike

N – November

O – Oscar

P – Papa

Q – Quebec

R – Romeo

S – Sierra

T – Tango

U – Uniform

V – Victor

W – Whiskey

X – X-ray

Y – Yankee

Z – Zulu

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