As the new NFL season approaches it is time for me to make some predictions, come February you can all laugh at how wrong I was but here they are, this is how the NFL season will pan out in my view:

MVP: Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

Rodgers confirms his place as the best Quarterback in the NFL with another spectacular regular season, he leads his side to another playoff berth but they are thwarted by the 49ers. As is regular with modern day QBs he throws over 5,000 yards and 40 touchdowns. A unanimous decision no one can have any complaints, a class above his rivals.

Defensive player of the year: JJ Watt – Houston Texans

For the second straight year the Houston Texan’s defensive end JJ Watt takes the Defensive Player of the Year crown. He continues to terrorise opposition quarterbacks as part of an impressive Texans defense; there’s no more a dominant defensive player in the NFL, you need to always no where this guy is when you take the field against Houston.

Offensive Player of the year: Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings

Was there any other choice? Peterson’s performance last season was nothing short of spectacular he not only went over 2,000 yards rushing, but he did it less than a year since tearing his ACL. He comes into this season with a full off season programme behind him and he will go very close to beating Eric Dickerson’s all time single season rushing record, set back in 1984. Defenses will probably be chasing him for most of the season.

Offensive Rookie of the year: Tavon Austin – St. Louis Rams

Rookie of the year is always difficult to predict as there is always one that flies under the radar but Tavon Austin looks like the real deal for the Rams. For a wide receiver he his not the biggest or strongest but you have to argue he might be the fastest. Defensive backfields will not be able to keep up with him, Rams’ QB Sam Bradford might have some fun with his new weapon this season.

Defensive Rookie of the year: Dion Jordan – Miami Dolphins

Being picked third overall in the draft will heap a whole load of pressure on this young man out of Oregon University. He is fast, athletic and strong, the Dolphins will have a player who can pressure the quarterback as well as dropping back in coverage very capably. Playing Tom Brady twice a season will certainly be easier if Jordan can take him down every so often. He will make offensive lineman’s life’s hell for the coming season and his efforts on the field will get noticed off of it.

Coach of the year: Andy Reid – Kansas City Chiefs

They are far from a complete team or a team that is ready to challenge at the business end of the regular and playoffs. Reid is an experienced coach who has handled Super Bowl contenders before but he is now in charge of a very young, talented team that has all the potential to turn into a real contender. He turns around their 2-14 campaign from last year with a solid 8-8 record, he is recognised for his work masterminding a turnaround.

Super Bowl Champion: San Francisco 49ers

They fell just short last season but the league’s best team puts the memories of February’s failure behind them. An impressive team on and off the field, the acquisition of WR Anquan Boldin sets them on there way to a dominating season where no other team has a look in, QB Colin Kaepernick is voted Super Bowl MVP in a freezing cold MetLife Stadium.

AFC Champion: Denver Broncos

Led by Peyton Manning the Broncos get over last season’s playoff troubles and confirm their status as the AFC’s best team, though their road to glory ends as they come up against a bigger and stronger team in Super Bowl 48 in New York. A close loss and not even Manning’s presence could push them over the winning line.

image: © Matt McGee