Over the Euro Ovals in the US

WFC Sticker

Coastal trend-followers, please take these off your cars.

It was kind of cute when it stared with OBX. I felt like I was part of an insiders' club, knowing OBX stood for the Outer Banks in North Carolina. And as more appeared, it was sort of fun trying to figure out what they were. CC for Cape Cod and KW for Key West, easy. HHI for Hilton Head Island and ACK for Nantucket, not as easy. (ACK is Nantucket's airport code. OBX is the airport code for Papua New Guinea, which would actually be far more interesting. HHI is the airport code for a US Air Force Base in Hawaii, also more interesting.)

Wheeler Air Force Base

But then it started to spread into other areas: BNL for the Barenaked Ladies; DMB for Dave Matthews Band, 26.2 for marathoners; 13.1 for half-marathoners; TRI for, you guessed it, triathletes; DIY for those who DIY, and CWR for those who re-enact the Civil War. Really.

Here are a few new ones I saw on a recent drive through Massachusetts: SMH (Shaking My Head?); B2B (Huh? Business to Business?); BF (Best Friend? Black Forest? Black Forest where?); NLL (Newfoundland & Labrador? National Lacrosse League?); NWC (North Woods Conservancy? New World Culture?); Fog Happens (on a car from Rhode Island); WOOF (let me guess, you own a dog?).

I'm done. These stickers are annoying for two reasons:

  1. They are way to brag. Look where I've been. Or at what I've done. Or at what I own! And bragging is always obnoxious. OBX.
  2. They're too vague. Your cryptic sticker doesn't tell me anything, except that you follow trends.

The only one I support is WTF, and it's little sister, WFC.

WFC Sticker

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