A Shockingly Good Heart Rescue Site

Heart Rescue Now

When a good friend emails you a link that says 'How to save a life - watch now', it might be worth watching.

In this case, it was a great idea. Not because I had the chance to put it into play, thank goodness (not yet, anyway), but because it was so incredibly effective that I took the time to go through it until I figured out how to save the man's life.

Here's how it works: You watch a video then answer a question, which determines how the video continues.

On my first go, I caused the guy to die after two questions. I was even left with the video of him being zipped up by the medics, glassy eyes looking in my direction. Well, I couldn't very well leave it at that. I started over, discovered I should stay with the guy and call 911, do chest compressions and use the AED, and we made it to the end. He was alive and I was 'Liking' the site on Facebook.

Effective, entertaining education. Plus, now I'm ready.

Click here to play (err, learn).

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