From deviant digital prints to gorgeous geometric cuts – the 2013 runway boasts beachwear that is more bold and out there than ever. It’s the time of year to grab your flip-flops and get your tan on. Here is a brief guide to the five hottest swimwear trends under the sun this summer.

After a long year of grey scenes outside your office window, you’ve booked your low-cost airline ticket to a destination that actually has that fourth season called summer. You’ve just about crossed out all the days on your calendar leading up to your departure when the time finally comes to pick out some beachwear. Don’t worry about the fact that your body just recently came out of hibernation, this season promises swimwear options that flatter any body shape.

Ruffles, tassels, fringes and frills

We’ve seen this trend on the runway, at festivals, at cocktail parties and at the edges of our boots. The fashion world has gone gaga for the fringe trend. Fringes are fun and flirty and add a bit of movement to your swimsuit whether it’s a costume or a bikini. A fringe gives the illusion of curves, so avoid swimsuits with frills around your problem areas.

Retro revelry

The retro trend is sizzling this summer. And the great news is this 70’s inspired trend is flattering for many different body types. High-waist bikini bottoms, belts, bustier cropped tops, and retro motifs are all making it big on the beach front. If you’re a full-bodied gal, try a simple Marilyn Monroe-type costume that boasts in the bust area and kindly covers the thighs. Pair up your retro swimsuit with a wide-brimmed hat, red lips and cat-eye sunglasses.

Statement straps

To rock this trend, you need to go all-out. The bolder the better when it comes to statement straps. Opt for a swimsuit in a dark colour (black is the frontrunner here) and keep accessories to a minimum. Monokinis work best with this trend. Depending on what flatters your body most, you could go for straps across the stomach, hips, shoulders or chest. Keep sun cream at hand to avoid getting absurd tan lines with this style though!

Prints and Pictures

Swimwear with real-photo pictures is all the rage right now. All this trend needs is a simple swimsuit acting as a canvas for a whimsical digital picture. Expect anything from the gawking face of a housecat to a snapshot of the cosmos. It’s a fun trend that will probably burn out by next year so hop on the bandwagon and parade your printed cossie while it lasts. Team it up with some white framed sunglasses and multi-coloured Havaianas. Other hot patterns are floral, tropical, Aztec, tribal, animal and geometric motifs.

All in white

This one may only be for the brave (or blessed) among us. A white swimsuit looks stunning in contrast to bronzed, sun-kissed skin. Make sure the swimsuit has some double-lining so that it doesn’t turn see-through in water. Accessorize with gold to look like a true sun goddess.

After picking out your favourite cossie, all you have to focus on is hydrating, applying enough sun cream to protect your winter skin, and forgetting about your endless to-do list at home. Sit back, relax, and soak up the sun!

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