No ZombiU 2, says Ubisoft


Poor sales kill off hopes for a sequel admits CEO Guillemot.

CEO and chairman of French publisher Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, has said there is no chance of a ZombiU sequel as the original Wii U exclusive was not profitable, raising concerns around the Nintendo console's long-term viability.

Speaking with, the executive revealed that the relatively popular launch title for Nintendo's home console saw limp sales and that there is no desire or plans for a sequel.

According to Guillemot, the experience soured the Wii U for the company and it since decided to make Rayman Legends a multi-platform game.

"We must find a way to ensure the creativity of those games could have a big enough audience," he told interviewers.

"We hope it will take off. At the moment, we've said 'let's do through Christmas and see where we are from there.'"

ZombiU was well received by critics upon its release garnering a Metacritic rating of 77% and even picked up a GDC Award nomination for best innovation for its use of the Wii U's second screen.

Earlier this year, Nintendo reported that weak Wii U sales had a “negative impact” on the company's profitability, with an operating loss of JPY5.8 billion attributed to the limp console.



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