Impress Your Dates & Mates: Wendy Davis in Texas

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As Barack Obama tweeted: "Something special is happening in Austin tonight."

Here's what you need to know:

On Tuesday the 24th of June, Texas state senator Wendy Davis stood and spoke on the legislature floor for 11 hours. She started a little after 11am, and ended just after midnight.

By doing so, she filibustered a bill that would have closed all but five abortion clinics in Texas (a state that has a population of 26 million people, and covers 260,000 square miles). This would have sent many women to Mexico and others to illegal clinics, endangering their health.

The Republicans got unrurly around 10pm, then took a vote at 12:02am and declared the bill passed, although it was most definitely not passed.

So what exactly is a filibuster? A procedure that allows a senator (or group of senators) to speak for as long as they wish on any topic they wish, in order to stop a vote from taking place. However, they can't go off topic more than three times, sit down, or take a toilet break.

And the quote to take away? “Lawmakers, either get out of the vagina business or go to medical school."

Thanks, Wendy.

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