Sims creator praises Xbox One U-turn

Xbox One Don Mattrick

Will Wright welcomes Microsoft's move but says stricter DRM is inevitable.

Sims creator and games industry luminary Will Wright has praised Microsoft for rolling back plans to severely limit gamers abilities to share and trade games they've purchased, following a painful consumer backlash.

Describing the response by Microsoft's Xbox One team as “impressive”, the SimCity creator says the current reprieve from restrictive DRM will only be short-lived as people increasingly consume their entertainment online.

“DRM is going to be an ongoing negotiation because there are features to the DRM, or at least Internet connectivity, that is a very attractive solution to the piracy issue,” he told CNN.

“We're coming at this with the mentality that when I buy media I own the disk or whatever for the rest of my life... We're slowly moving to this idea that everything is on the cloud and I'm actually buying rights, and I don't physically own the actual product.”

Following the revelation of Microsoft's original plans to implement restrictive anti-piracy measures that would all but eliminate game sharing and second-hand sales, consumers vowed to boycott the console in favour of Sony's PlayStation 4.

Microsoft caved to consumer pressure faster and more completely than pundits expected.

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