ICC Champions Trophy Final result revealed!*

When asked how England would get on in the ICC Champions trophy final against India, most people start climbing fences. Not HITC sports writer Rana Malook.

The cricketing Gods smiled down at the brave crowds gathered at Edgbaston for the final showdown between hosts England and India on a wet muggy sunday. `The game proved to be one of the most gripping in recent history. 

Here's a summary of the action as it happened. 

- Delayed start due to rain. Game reduced to 40 overs a side.

- England keep faith with Steve Finn and Graeme Swann replaces James Tredwell. India make no changes to their side. 

- Dhoni wins toss and surprises everyone by electing to bat first.

- Shikhar Dhawan continues his good form by smashing Steve Finn for 20 runs in the second over. England's plan on bowling short backfires as he flicks the first two short balls for six over third man. Finn bowls a further two short balls in the over both of which Dhawan pulls for 4 to deep midwicket. 

- Jimmy Anderson proves once more England's most potent weapon as he wins his battle against Shikhar Dhawan. With an away swinging offstump delivery which pitches on a good length luring an edge from the flashing blade of Dhawan. India 21-1 off 3 overs. 

- Broad replaces Finn and is expensive initially as more short bowling yields runs with Kohli in particular benefiting with some impressive hook shots. Still Broad removes Sharma and Raina in quick succession to leave India on 53-3 from 10 overs. Both Batsman out to poor shot selection both trying to pull balls that weren't short enough, Sharma playing on and Raina skying a top edge to cover. 

- Patient rebuilding partnership between Kohli and Karthik sees India move to 102-3 at the half way mark. Tight spells from Bopara and Swann keep the Indian batsmen honest. 

- Cook reintroduces Finn in the hope of breaking the partnership and he obliges by bowling a sharp rib tickler to Karthik who gloves it down the legside to a diving Jos Butler.

- Smelling blood Cook immediately brings Jimmy Anderson into the attack who once again becomes England's hero by removing MS Dhoni immediately. A full delivery on middle stump, the ball seams in and strikes Dhoni's pads. India now wobbling at 110-5 off 22 with captain Dhoni back in the hut.

- Kohli and Jadeja then put on a defiant partnership which threatens to undo the good work of the England seamers. With 10 overs to go India have fought back to 170-5 with Kohli on 73 and Jadeja on 32. 

- After a fantastic fielding effort from Engalnd with 3 run outs, India finish on 230-8 with Jadeja still at the crease on 69 not out. 

- England require 231 to win the ICC Champions trophy 2013 at under a run a ball. Rain that had been threatening throughout the Indian innings finally arrives but subsides just as quickly.

- England start steadily and reach 21-0 after 5 overs. 

- Bhuvneshwar Kumar removes Bell with a sharp inswinging delivery which romps through the England openers defences removing the middle stump. Trott arrives at the crease with England 23-1 after 6 overs. 

- Trott and Cook bat sensibly, and punish the odd bad ball as England progress to 81-1 at the half way mark. 

- Light rain begins to fall. England look to accelerate bearing in mind they are way behind the duck worth lewis run rate. 

- A combination of rain pressure and magic from Ravi Ashwin removes Trott and Cook in quick succession. Trott attempts a pre-meditated sweep but fails to pick the carrom ball and is plumb in front and Cook charges and misses and is stumped by Dhoni. England now 103-3 from 25. 

-Morgan goes ballistic and takes Ishant Sharma for 18 in one over as England accelerate to 143-3 off 30 with dark clouds gathering around Edgbaston. They now require 88 from 60 balls but with seven wickets remaining. 

- Joe Root departs after attempting a suicidal second run against Raina's arm on the deep midwicket boundry. Soon afterwards Yadav is brought back by Dhoni in what appears to be a plan to bowl yorkers at England's Jos Butler. After two yorkers outside off stump that Butler plays and misses, Yadav gets the third one on target as an increasingly frustrated Butler attempts a ramp shot and is bowled. England's attempts to catch up with the DL runrate costs two crucial wickets leaving them struggling on164-5 off 33.

- England require 67 off 42. But Morgan is still there on 59, England still have hope. 

- England fans look on in shock horror as Morgan gets carried away attempting to hit a third six off a Jadeja over and holes out to Raina at Long on departing for 79. England lose their 6th with the score on 184-6 off 35 overs.

- Dhoni throws the ball to Ishant Sharma with England needing 47 from the last 5 overs. The rain seems to be holding off but dark clouds still threaten disruption. 

- Bopara and Broad run magnificently between the wickets and take 6 runs off the first 4 balls before the former slogs the last two Sharma balls onto the legside boundry for two fours. Sharma's over goes for 14. England require 33 from 18. 

- Bowled!! Yadav bowls a yorker first up, Broad slams his bat down only to inside edge the ball onto his stumps. England now 198-7 requiring 33 from 17 with 3 wickets in hand.

-Swann survives the over as England take 8 from it thanks to 5 wides from yet another Yadav attempted yorker which flies down legside for 4. 

- England require 25 from 12. Ashwin to bowl the penultimate over, the tension in the ground is unbearable. 

- Ashwin comes in and bowls. Smashed!  Bopara smashes a low full toss with a punch straight over the bowler's head. Flat six! An ideal start to the over for England as the Indian fans fall silent. 19 from 11 now required.

- With the field spread Ashwin keeps the rest of the over fairly tight as Bopara and Swann once again run brilliantly between the wickets to accumulate 7 runs from the next 5 deliveries. 

- England require 12 off the last over to be bowled by Bhuvanesh Kumar. A fitting finish to the tournament, incredible noise at Edgbaston especially from the Indian fans who sense victory. 

- Gone! Disaster for Bopara! He attempts another slog and mistimes it, the ball goes miles in the air and is caught at long on by that man Raina. He's been exceptional in the field today.

-Indian players sprint towards Raina and embrace him. Massive wicket, England now require 12 off 5 as Finn walks to the crease. The batsman had crossed which means Swann now on strike.

-Wonder what the decibel reading is at Edgbaston, the noise is deafening. 

- Bowled!!! Swann wafts at a slower ball from Kumar and has his off stump uprooted. But hang on, it's a no ball. The Indian players freeze in disbelief, a hush suddenly goes around the stadium like a mexican wave, shortly followed by a raucous cheer from the barmy army! Kumar looks dissappointed but calmly walks back to his mark. Dhoni stands stares into nothingness for a few minutes before composing himself and clapping and shouting words of encouragement to his players. Swann stands smiling nervously. Finn's nerves are captured perfectly by the TV cameras. His ears are glowing dark red.

-England now require 11 off 5 and have a free hit. 

- Kumar runs up and bowls. Swann dances down the pitch and swings his bat with all his strength. It goes high into the dark sky towards long on. Raina gets underneath it, glances down at the rope, steadies him self, leaps and catches it before hurriedly throwing it back over the boundry rope. That was a magnificent piece of fielding. Swann and Finn run two. But hang on, the umpires want to check the replays, Raina's foot clipped the boundry but did he release the ball in time? The umpire places his hand on ear piece trying to hear the third umpires verdict amidst the noise. Crowd waits, anxiously staring at the official on the big screen.

-He raises his arms, that's SIX!!!!! Another cheer goes up, this time from the England fans. 

- England require 5 off 4. 

- Swann stands at the crease, this time there's no cheeky smile. He adjusts his arm guard and tightens his gloves. He must finish the job.

-Kumar comes in and bowls. Its a bouncer. Swann goes to hook, but pulls out at the last moment. Dot ball. Sighs go around the ground. 4 needed from 4. 

- England players huddle up on the balcony and watch with intense eyes. Kumar walks back to his mark. A sense of dejection reverberates around the Indian contingent in the crowd. They know. One shot, an it'd over.

- Kumar runs in and bowls. Its an attempted yorker, Swann, wide eyed, swings. Inside edges it onto his pads. The ball trickles onto the offside.

-They sprint a single.

-3 needed off 3. Finn on strike. 

- Swann waves Finn over for a chat.  Dhoni and Kumar convene a meeting of their own to discuss field placings. The crowd breathe. Dhoni sets his field but no one cares, all eyes are on Finn. One shot away from the trophy.

- Kumar stares at the ground pauses for a second and begins his run up, comes in and bowls. It's a bouncer, Finn rocks back and cross bats it, the ball takes the top edge.  Like a firework shoots up in the air. Players begin to converge, but Dhoni screams for it. He watches the ball, steadies himself and, TAKES the catch!


-The short ball worked. That was a slow bouncer and Finn went through the shot too early. He looks incolsolable as he walks off. England 228-9!

- 3 runs now needed off 2 balls. 

- England still not out of it, Swann crossed and will face. What an incredible game. Another meeting between Dhoni, Kumar and Raina. Jimmy Anderson joins his best friend at the crease, the mood is serious. 

- A few minutes pass and Kumar is ready once more to ball the second to last ball of the tournament, Swann on strike.

-Here we go.

-He comes in and bowls, its an attempted yorker outside off. Swann creams it straight to long off and shoots off.

-No 2 there Swanny!

-Jimmy also sprints the first one.

-It's gone straight to Jadeja's left hand. Swann turns around and screams a No.

Jimmy is half way down the track.

- He scampers back just in time. 


- It all comes down to Jimmy Anderson.

- Whatever happens this has been a fantastic spectacle.

-Nasser Hussein and Michael Atherton are both lost for words in the Sky commentary box. They've been reduced to making what can only be described as farm yard animal noises for the last few overs. 

- Once more Dhoni delays. More changes to the field.

- With every second Anderson's blood pressure rises.

- This is it. 

- Kumar stands still one last time. This time gives the ball a Malinga-esque kiss.

-Begins his run up. He comes in and bowls........

 And that's when I woke up!


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Rana Malook is a sports writer for HITC and tweets @rararana


image: © ell-r-brown