Scandal At Top Firm As Promoted Employee Receives Abusive Letter From Anonymous Co-Worker

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The hunt is on for the author of a totally inappropriate 'congratuatory' letter which has been sent anonymously to a recently-promoted Director and several of her top firm colleagues at an investment banking unit in New York.

There's been quite a drama at the investment banking unit of a major firm (we have the identity of the firm and employee concerned, but will not be revealing the details).

And it all started when a VP recently made Director, and one unknown employee is said to have sent a highly personal and inflammatory letter to the female professional concerned (with copies gone to most of her colleagues for good measure).

The two-page letter (a copy of which we have seen and the authenticity of which has been confirmed by the firm concerned) questions the promoted employee's professional competence, hurtfully suggests how she may have obtained her promotion, and insults her by making disparaging remarks about her appearance.

The bank has understandably moved quickly to retrieve copies of the letter from its staff, allegedly going through desks and personal belonging to achieve this. In addition, the firm is said to have begun auditing emails and phone logs in an attempt to identify the author of the letter. The letter writer, however, is still on the loose.

One HR professional told Here Is The City: 'It's always diffcult when something like this happens. You can't just sweep it under the carpet, and have to be seen to be dealing with it; the wronged employee clearly needs to be supported. However, you have to handle it carefully, as the last thing you need is to upset the innocent and cause morale to plummet'.

One banker told us: 'This is a pretty low blow. No matter what you think of someone and the way they carry out their duties, sending something so hurtful when an individual has been promoted is really uncalled for'.


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