The PFA's comedian fee-chase is a joke

The PFA are reportedly ‘chasing’ comedian Reginald D Hunter for the return of his appearance fee following his controversial performance at their annual awards ceremony on Sunday night.

According to The Daily Mail, the ‘African-American from Georgia’ used the ‘N-word’ several times, along with jokes made about ‘women and Jews’.

Firstly, the fact that The Daily Mail is objecting to his comedy routine is an irony not lost on me and secondly, it is a complete joke itself that the PFA are chasing Hunter for his appearances fee because they were unimpressed with his performance.

The PFA should have done their research and been well aware of the kind of jokes Reginald D Hunter makes on stage. He’s not some up-and-coming newbie, he’s been performing up and down this country for the last 17 years and his most notable previous performances have pretty all included the use of the ‘N-word’, which he, as black male, has creatively chosen to reclaim.

In fact, had the PFA actually bothered to Google Hunter, they’d know his previous shows and tours even had the ‘N-word’ in the title. For the PFA to suddenly turn around and hold him accountable for their apparent misjudgement is laughable.

I believe the PFA hired Hunter for the awards bash because he’s a very funny stand-up comedian – intelligent and observant – and it’s only in the aftermath that they have reportedly taken a stand against him and contacted their lawyers.

If people at the show were offended or insulted then that’s their prerogative and hounding him for his ‘five-figure’ appearance fee only makes the PFA look even more ridiculous.

If they didn’t know the kind of material Hunter performs, that’s their fault and if they did know and booked him to perform then that’s equally their fault if members of their audience were offended.

The fact they even consider asking him for his fee back is ironically a joke in very bad taste.

image: © Mick Baker

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