Where on earth is Aldo Duscher? The former Deportivo La Coruna man most famous for upending Golden Balls in 2002.

Anyone who says they don’t remember the Beckham broken meta-tarsal saga of 2002 was either born in this century, living in the mountains or indeed is suffering from a severe case of amnesia; in which case we wish you a speedy recovery.

In fact maybe this will jog your memory and if it does don’t blame us for what you remember from your life before the memory-loss crept in.

You have been warned!


That was the tackle in a Champions League match with Deportivo La Coruna that sent the entire nation into some form of collective insanity before Becks had even hit the ground. He had broken his metatarsal. At the time it was a bone never before heard of outside of Accident and Emergency wards across the country. Nowadays it is the chic bone-break of choice for all of the world’s aspiring footballers.

You haven’t made it until you have broken a metatarsal.

England went mad. Just four years after being vilified for his actions against Argentina in France we were now being asked by The Sun newspaper to cut out a life-sized replica of Beckham’s foot and bless it with prayer. For any foreign readers currently perusing the sight; I am absolutely not joking this actually happened.

This was it the World Cup dream was over (eventually Beckham did recover just in time and scored against Argentina of course) and once again it was all because of Beckham’s altercation with an Argentine hard-man.

So what has happened to the man who caused that furore 11 years ago?

Where on earth is Aldo ‘The Butcher’ Duscher?

At the time Duscher was just making it in Europe and he continued to progress as a player. In fact just three years later Manchester United even considered signing him with then United defender Gabriel Heinze saying:

“I have read and it would be fantastic to play together again. Aldo is an excellent player who, for me, has already demonstrated that he is worthy of a team like Manchester United.’’

That never quite materialised and in the end his career never quite reached the heavy heights of 2004. He went on trial with Newcastle United in 2007 but no move ever materialised and he instead joined Racing Santander where he became a La Liga stalwart. Stints with Sevilla and Espanyol followed which is when his career got interesting. 

He spent a year on-loan at Barcelona, not that one; Barcelona Sporting Club of Ecuador, and last summer the now-veteran found himself playing for Enosis Neon Paralimni in Cyprus for six-months.

Nowadays he is plying his trade in the Greek Super League for mid-table outfit Veria F.C but as far as we can see since joining the club in January he has yet to make an appearance.

At 34-years-old his career is petering out and it seems his most famous moment will always remain that tackle on David Beckham.

image: © nasmac