Deadpool hitting shelves this June


Activision unveils plans for Marvel's anti-hero outing.

Darkly comical anti-hero Deadpool will see his videogame outing hit home consoles in the States on June 25th, with a European release to follow a few days later on the 28th.

Publisher Activision has promised that North American gamers who pre-order the game from Amazon will be gifted with a $5 Marvel comics voucher (via Digital Spy).

The game, developed by High Moon Studios, has billed itself as an action-brawler and squarly puts an emphasis on the self-mocking humour that series comic book is known for.

Check out the game's trailer below:

“We weren’t actually planning on making a Deadpool game,” said Peter Della Penna, boss of High Moon Studios in a statement.

“But, Deadpool came by the studio one day, said he was taking over, and that if I didn’t hire Marvel writer Daniel Way pronto and make the most amazing Deadpool video game, he’d break both of our arms and beat us to death with them. I have kids, so we’re making the game.”

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