Double Fine Kickstarter adventure unveiled

Broken Age

The catalyst behind the gaming crowd-funding craze takes form

Double Fine has lift the lid on its long-awaited adventure game, which saw overwhelming support from fans via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

Titled Broken Age the company promises it will be a point-and-click adventure game focusing on the story of a young boy and girl leading “parallel lives”.

“The girl has been chosen by her village to be sacrificed to a terrible monster--but she decides to fight back,” Double Fine explains, adding: “Meanwhile, a boy on a spaceship is living a solitary life under the care of a motherly computer, but he wants to break free to lead adventures and do good in the world. Adventures ensue.”

Launched last year, the company's bid to pitch a neglected genre directly to consumers struck chord and was rewarded with nearly $3 million more than the $400,000 requested.

Viewed by some as a potential catalyst for the subsequent parade of successful and disastrous gaming projects to seek Kickstarter funding, Double Fine's journey to making this game has become the focus of a documentary.

Filmed by 2 Player Productions and available only to backers of the project, you can check out the first episode for free below:

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