F1 Loses Its Soul, Because It's A Team Game, Stupid

OK, I admit that I don't get F1. I thought that it was all about the fastest guys winning races. But no, it's a team game stupid.

And it all kicked off at the Malaysian GP Sunday, when Sebastien Vettel had the audacity to defy team orders and win the race, when he apparently should have let teammate Mark Webber take the flag.

The upshot ? Vettel apologizes for a dramatic and fascinating ride. But who cares about those who are watching, because it's a team game stupid.

Then Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, who came in third, admitted on the podium that he was only there because teammate Nico Rosberg wasn't allowed to pass him (team orders once again).

Hamilton said: 'I can't say it's the best feeling being up here today. If I'm honest I really feel Nico should be standing here'.

So, the guy who came in first shouldn't have done so; the chap who came second was miffed; the bloke in third didn't think he should be there; and the man in fourth was disappointed because he clearly thought he should be. Call this racing ?

Oh, and Hamilton drove into the wrong pit - thinking he was still with McLaren. You couldn't make it up!

image: © PresidenBertho