The Abramovich’s are keeping it in the family after Roman’s son, Arkadiy, completed his first oil deal.

If Chelsea fans ever had any worries that Roman Abramovich would one day just up and leave the club without a legacy, then rest those fears because his son seems to be going down the exact same path as his father.

Arkadiy Abramovich, just 19-years-old, has just made his first step into the oil industry with a $46 million purchase in a Siberian oilfield. What that means is that he’s on the ladder early and is set to make hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars as the commodity grows rarer.

Now, he may have absolutely no interest in football but he’s already been present at the side of things, attending matches with his father, watching Chelsea play and he will have an idea of how the football industry is run and works.

As he’s so young, his fortune will be far greater than it currently is, by the time his Dad walks away from Stamford Bridge or looks to retire and get out as the owner of the club.

The fact Arkadiy is able to go into an industry where he I guaranteed to make money, means that if he wanted to replace his father as the owner at Stamford Bridge, that financial backing that Chelsea currently enjoy would be retained for another long period of time.

That’s beneficial for the club because they have come to rely on it and it’s also beneficial because his son may be a completely different owner, which means a number of positive things.

It could mean an end to the random and personally motivated decisions that Roman Abramovich has been making as Chelsea owner. That means no random sackings, no demands for certain players and no overspending for the sake of doing just that.

It also means a different era and although it would be the same family, there would be differences between how father and son run the football club if the family decides they want to maintain their interest at the club.

As far as Chelsea should be concerned, the prospect of retaining that cash backing is very important because it could be damaging to the club, should the Abramovich family pull out of Chelsea altogether.

That would mean severe damage to the financial infrastructure of the club as the wage bill would be difficult to get to grips with and it would mean an end to the massive multi-million pound signings the club has been making.

Chelsea fans, what do you make of the news?

image: © Jason Bagley