What I Told Our Compliance Head When He Suggested We 'Have Some Fun'

The Kiss

'So basically you want me to be your 'thing' ?

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The Day The Head of Compliance Confessed His Love For Me

He nodded, winked and raised his glass..

I looked at him long and hard. He wasn't bad looking, and was certainly a bit of a catch (even if he was married). But what should I do ? I only had seconds to make up my mind.

Should I turn him down and risk him making life difficult for me at work ? Or should I go for it, enjoy the moment and let the cards fall where they may ?

Before I could say a word, however, he placed his hand on mine and reassured me that he'd do nothing to hurt me. And, by the way, his wife was away for a few days, and could we go back to his place to have some 'fun' ?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was pathetic. What gave this guy the right to speak to me like that ? How dare he try and take advantage of me when he knew that I must be upset about my recent split with my long-term boyfriend.

'Neal', I finally said, 'This is wrong on so many levels'.

'What do you mean ?', he asked, still smiling.

'Well', I said, 'For one thing, you're married'.

'Oh don't worry about that. It's not as if it will get really serious'.

'And you're my boss', I continued, ignoring his flip comment.

'Well it will oviously be good for your career, then', he laughed.

'OK, Neal', I said sitting up, and quickly brushing his hand away from my own, 'Here's the thing. I like you, I really do. You're fun to be with, I enjoy being around you'.

He looked like a puppy dog now. I could see the anticipation in his eyes.

'However', I continued, 'That's as far as it goes. I've no wish to be your 'bit on the side'. I think more of myself than that'.

'But', he began to protest.

'Give it up, Neal', I continued. 'Let's not let this thing get messy. You tried it on, and it didn't work. Get over it. Let's just forget it happened, and carry on as before'.

His face flushed and he got up to leave.

'But one more thing', I said calmly, 'If you ever attempt to take this out on me by being clever or nasty at work, I'll sue the firm, and you, for sexual discrimination and harrassment, and make sure everyone knows what a manipulative chancer you really are.

'Anyway, enjoy the rest of your evening and I'll see you tomorrow', I smiled.

I went into work the next day to a frosty reception. But Neal never did do anything to retaliate against me - although it was clear I was no longer his 'favourite'.

The Day The Head of Compliance Confessed His Love For Me

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