Widely Held Belief That Pope John-Paul Was Named After Two of the Beatles is Probably a Fallacy

11 things you always wanted to know about Popes and Pope stuff.

1. The next Pope will be the 266th to hold the post

2. Pope John Paul II canonized more saints than all of his predecessors combined

3. Youngest / oldest Popes - Pope John XII was just 18 when he was elected in 955. The oldest Popes were Pope Celestine III (1191) and Celestine V (1294), who were both nearly 85.

4. The longest Conclave in history was 33 months, and started in 1268

5. Cardinals take an oath of secrecy, swearing that they won’t reveal any details about what happens in the Papal election

6. Pope Adrian II, who took the post from 867 to 872, was the last Pope to have a wife

7. The last conclave held outside of Rome was in Venice in 1800

8. The last Pope who was not a priest when elected was Leo X (1513-1521). He had to be ordained before taking office

9. Once the Pope is chosen, he is the Pope effective immediately

10. Pope Pius IX served the longest at 31 years

11. There have been 39 married Popes. Pope Innocent VIII wasn't so innocent - he had eight children

image: © PedalFreak

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