You dress the part, your body language jives, you always make eye contact – for the most part you have the visual communication channels covered when carrying yourself in the office.

Yet how would you rate your external dialogue, your voice, speech and expressions ? As if your external dialogue is not in synch with your inner voice and thoughts, your confidence level can drop and be easily sensed by colleagues as it shapes your attitude towards them, risking how seriously you are taken at work.

This can occur if you try to emulate the style or persona of others, because you believe it will help increase your chances of advancement, such as taking on the dialect of colleagues from other countries for example.

Women can also sometime turn on an inauthentic ‘eager to please’ voice, trying too hard to satisfy everyone at work. If for example, someone drops by their desk with a request, they can unconsciously turn on ‘good girl’ mode responding in a high-pitched tone, eagerly nodding and smiling in an attempt to assure the other person that they have everything covered.

Sound familiar ? Being too amenable at work can inadvertently turn on a persona which doesn’t match your true nature. While this may leave the other person in a feel-good place trusting you, it can also throw you off-balance when you are not being completely true to yourself.

Why is this a problem for your career ?

Much like walking and dressing the part, when you are speaking in a way that isn’t aligned to your true personality, you will lose confidence. In other words, when your internal dialogue isn’t synched up and aligned with your external speech, you lose the ability to project a professional image that shows you as the expert you truly are.

Look around and observe successful professionals who already have the job that you want. Listen to how they speak. Does their speech match their personality ? Do they seem like they are ‘turning on’ behavior to always be agreeable at work ?

Your external dialogue lies everywhere – in your dress, how you walk and overall personal grooming style, but especially in your verbal expressions and speech – all unspoken ways in which you communicate in the workplace, driving how seriously you are taken and how memorable you are as a key player in business.

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