Even though Apple, Google, Microsoft and Blackberry have dominated the mobile eco-systems of the developed world, they have yet to leverage the mobile platform for emerging countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia.

This could provide an opportunity for new platforms such as Mozilla, Tizen, Jolla and Ubuntu to grow in significance, and for telco firms to fight back to bring order to the mobile market.

Mozilla, the most well known platform among the new entrants, is going to capitalize on some 10,000 web developers.

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs told CNBC that 80% of consumers from the emerging markets want content from their local community, rather than from the rest of the world.

Currently, eighteen of the world’s largest mobile operators, from Alcatel to Huawei, have backed the development of its mobile platform to fight the dominance of the Apple, Google, Microsoft & Blackberry.

They are looking to produce the first Firefox phones which would be sold in emerging countries by the middle of the year. It will be an interesting and exciting space to watch.

Sources: CNBCFT.com