American McGee: Gas Powered Games lay-offs damaged Wildman efforts

Aka American Mcgee

Alice-maker gets set to launch Kickstarter projects, says backers must have confidence in projects.

Gas Powered Games' recent round of lay-offs may be the reason for floundering Kickstarter project, explains veteran developer American McGee.

Speaking with Here Is The City, McGee commented on his own crowd-funded project Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and the difficulty in securing the confidence of backers.

"We're trying to hit a $200,000 target - we're 82% of the way there and we've got less than two days remaining. So, we may not make it," he explained.

When asked, he went on to comment on the recent troubles faced by Gas Powered Games, whose own ambitious Kickstarter project is currently falling well short of its $1.1 million target – putting the studio into jeopardy.

"When it comes to what's going on with Gas Powered [Games], it obviously took everyone quite by surprise that moments after they announced that they were doing a Kickstarter they also came out and said 'oh by the way we're also lettting off a lot of our people'," McGee told us.

"So, that's probably going to make it a little challenging for people to understand how or why they're getting behind something."

He compared Kickstarter backers to traditional investors and publishers, saying that they were all looking for a "sure thing" and had to have confidence in the abilities of a studio to deliver on a promise.

"Any time you rattle their expectations or give them doubts about your ability to pull that off there's going to be a lack of funding," he concluded.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters launches this Friday (February 1st) and is a free-to-play action-RPG.

Keep your eyes peeled for our full interview with game-maker American McGee.

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