Accessorising Men

Mont Blanc Leather Bracelet

Ask any woman and she'll confirm: it's the accessories that make an outfit. This is true to a lesser extent with guys, but it's the case with them, too.

Men just have fewer options, so you can't mess around with the few options you've got. Get your shoes right. Get your watch right. Get your man bag right.

But what if you want to get a little more creative? While suspenders and a tie pin might be a bit too much, we've got a few other ways you can customise your look.

Slightly Wacky Cufflinks

Cufflinks with personality are easy to get away with (provided you have the double-cuffed shirts on which to wear them, and at a certain level in your career, you should). Old Scrabble tiles for the wordsmith? Mini maps of your favourite cities? A 20-sided die for the role-playing gamer? Cufflinks that identify exactly who you are? They're all on the market, and just a Google search away.

The Bowtie

They're hard to tie and even harder to pull off. But here's a good guideline: If you can wear one without feeling ridiculous, then you probably have what it takes to make it work.

Wristbands (formerly known as bracelets)

Stay with us here. We know that wristbands (err, bracelets) are for people who are either too young to be wearing a suit all day, or for those who really want to send a message, like Livestrong or Die Young. (Just kidding about the second one.) But lately, luxury designers are getting in on the act; Hermes and Mont Blanc make grown-up options, and are definitely not targeting dudes on their gap year. And if you're a person who wants to stay fit (and let the world know about it), put on a cool looking Nike FuelBand.


Like with bowties, only a certain kind of guy can wear a scarf after the coat comes off. Unlike with bowties, we're not talking about that kind of guy here. We're talking about the one who dresses appropriately for the weather in a wool coat and tops off his look with a scarf. Don't fear a little colour. Paul Smith stripes might seem like a lot, but with a black wool coat, might be perfect.

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