Redknapp: An innocent wheeler dealer in an age of agent gang warfare?

QPR boss Harry Redknapp has likened the agents industry in football to the of gang warfare.

Harry Redknapp loves a good deal in the transfer window, working his magic to get a player in at the last minute for good value money.

The problem he often faces is agents and he has compared them to gangsters in the ways they act and behave around transfer window team.

It’s one of the biggest problems in the game with clubs spending higher amounts on agent’s fees than ever before making it almost impossible for some clubs to sign the players they want to target.

The problem, as explained by Redknapp, is a simple one. Clubs identify a player, agree a deal and then other agents will try and sabotage the deal by representing another player on offer.

The reason they do this has nothing to do with their opinion that their player is better suited to a club, it’s all about money and the more deals an agent is involved in, the higher the amount of cash he’ll make.

“If you're trying to get a player, another agent will try to scupper that deal if he's not involved in it to try to get you to have one of his instead - It makes things so difficult. It's not just the person who deals with the players: it's dealing with the person who controls the player, or who wants to be in on the deal,” said Redknapp as on the Guardian website.

It’s even reached the point where Redknapp has stepped out of most negotiations, leaving everything to the club’s owner Tony Fernandes.

It’s extremely difficult and annoying for the clubs who are trying to save their own skin in a top flight of European football. Agents seem to be making it as difficult as possible to sign a targeted player.

It’s important to point out that not all players are represented by agents who will walk all over each other to get the best deal, regardless of the club destination or the actual wishes of the player.

Some of the blame can be attributed towards the creation of the transfer windows but this sort of activity goes on throughout a season with players and clubs looking for alternatives throughout a season, if they’re not happy in one place.

The days of a player deciding where is the best place for him or agreeing his own deal seem to have long gone. That group of players is well and truly, unfortunately, a breed rapidly approaching extinction.

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