Gamewise stages public launch

Gamewise Home Page

The social networking site for gamers sees full release following successful test runs., a social network for games and gamers, has opened its doors following its successful closed beta.

Designed to enable gamers to discover the latest and greatest titles that most match their individual tastes, Gamewise is entirely formed of user-generated opinions, articles, reviews and discussions.

The site already boasts over 45,000 user-created pages dedicated to games, and 127,000 content pages, which includes information on videogame characters, companies, key people and platforms.

"We have had a terrific response to our closed beta," says Dean Walton, co-founder of Gamewise.

"Our community has created thousands upon thousands of database pages and the Brainwaves system has inspired some fascinating discussions. It's hugely exciting to be creating a new online experience and we can't wait for more people to join the site and see it in action."

The website currently lists nearly 76,000 users, with the most popular titles being Borderlands 2, Skyrim and Dishonored, in first, second and third place respectively.

However, proving its value as a tool to help you explore gaming’s overwhelming history of titles, the user-voted section features classics, such as 1998’s Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time at the top spot, while contemporary PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid makes an appearance at number three.

The site is built upon its own ‘wise platform’, a system that apes wiki-style user-generated databases while enabling relationships to be formed in the same vein as Facebook.

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