Premier League clubs join forces against big spending

A consortium of the Premier League’s top clubs have joined together to present a petition to the Football Association and UEFA in favour of the steadfast introduction of Financial Fairplay Regulations.

A letter addressed to the chief executive of the FA Premier League Richard Scudamore signed by? On behalf of Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, and Tottenham Hotspur FC proposed regulations that would force all clubs to ‘break even’ across a rolling three-year period in accordance with UEFA’s FFP rules.

Whilst Chelsea and Manchester City were not even remotely referred to, their omission from the letter is telling. The letter does, however, refer to plans to ‘curb inflatory spending’ and ‘restrict the owner funding of operating losses’.

In translation, the Premier League’s biggest and most successful clubs, with the exclusion of Chelsea and Manchester City, support proposals to introduce regulation of spending which would see every club, without exception, prove that they are only spending money they have generated themselves without the subsidiary aid of billionaire owners.

In the last decade clubs across the world – not the just Premier League – have been bought by wealthy individuals who finance the purchase of expensive players, staff, and facilities, despite the fact that these clubs are operating huge losses.

Now it seems as though this consortium are prepared to take it to the courts if necessary – that being the case if UEFA continue to flounder in indecision. The issue is certainly coming to a head within the context of recent ‘outrage’ over ticket prices and now the attempts of clubs to take control of the situation for themselves.

In the transfer market Manchester City made of loss of £391 million last year, Chelsea lost £251 million compared to Spurs’ £15 million loss and Arsenal’s £28 million profit. Manchester City won the Premier League and Chelsea won the Champion’s League while Arsenal won nothing but placed third and Spurs finished fourth but didn’t even get their Champions League spot reward.

There’s very little point in sitting back and complaining about how unfair it is so I’m glad to see these clubs are trying to be the architects of their own futures and trying to bring about important changes that will benefit the clubs, the fans, and the sport in general. It’s also great to see tribalism and politics put aside for oncebut, of course, evolution is a slow process.

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