Ianassa is a new design line that sounds like a tropical island, and is based on the serenity of spending the day at a spa in a place like the Seychelles or St Tropez.

Tropical Islands are few and far between, and to want one is to want the ideal of perfect sun and sea for life. Who doesn’t?

“I would like an island,” seems like a stretch when you say it out loud. “I would love that car,” rolls off the tongue more easily. But an island dream is a real dream, and out of reach for almost all of us.

To reach for the dream is to cross from the unreal into the real, and find out if you have what it takes in your heart to stretch for it. Ianassa is the island dream.

Ianassa will be a new collection for to those who party from dusk until dawn, and who want to be able to step from a yacht onto an island lit with candles to sip on the delights of the dreamscape.

To find inspiration is to design and create beauty for all women and men, to idealize the design world whose creativity comes from the experience of the exotic — beyond the barriers of society’s standards for how far a dream can stretch.

Ianassa is the island dream, which means that all can reach for a piece of that reality, and that the ‘I want’ and ‘island’ and ‘would you buy that dream’ comes from the heart, and the heat of the moment that it is created within.

The new princess line’s heart could be launched in Mayfair or Monaco, and belong to the ideal of an island paradise that stays within the realms of the collection that is created surrounding the design line Ianassa. The design line is inspired by that of a sea nymph, an illusive creature that is buried within the heart of womanhood.

Can you catch one of the creatures that flit through reality, where the barriers cross between light and darkness? If you do will they be strong-headed, colorful and led from within. Sea nymphs or Nereid’s may have hearts, but do your birds of paradise that pass you by day and glide past you at night so you can catch them dancing under the stars with you. The Ianassa collection will have them dressed in tropical colours to match the serenity of the islands’ realms.

Watch out for this collection in a few months and you will find yourselves dancing under the stars as winter draws to a close and the summer season brings on a new journey of discovery into tropical realms. Here is to wishing for summer to bring on the sun. And really, shouldn’t every designer ask for someone to buy them and island?