How To Spend Your Bonus #28 - The World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Ginza Tanakas Gold Christmas Tree 01

This pure gold, Disney inspired 2.4 meter Christmas tree will set you back a cool $4.2m.

The world's most expensive Christmas tree was designed and made by the Tokyo-based jewellery designer Ginza Tanaka. Standing at about 2.4 meters tall and 1.2 meters in diameter, and weighing in at 48kg of pure gold, the tree comes fully decorated in pure gold plated cutouts of popular Disney characters (including the infamous Mickey Mouse), and is beautifully finished with gold-leaf tinsel-like ribbons. The perfect addition to your penthouse apartment this Christmas don't you think ?

Ginza Tanakas Gold Christmas Tree03

Ginza Tanakas Gold Christmas Tree02

Image Source : Extra Vaganzi

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