Financial instability has affected us all and for a number of years football clubs such as Portsmouth FC and Hearts FC have felt the strain and could possibly close down for good.

In a time of recession, even the rich are feeling the pressure. Football clubs around Europe are struggling amidst the current economical climate and for some clubs it could be the end.

For a number of years Portsmouth FC have had financial problems. For a club that won the FA Cup in 2008, it was sad as a football fan to see a team filled with many stars to undergo such financial hardships.

A combination of poor ownership and poor finances have condemned the club to League 1 having been in the Premier League just 2 years ago.

The team have been in and out of administration and the teams ownership could go directly into the hands of the Portsmouth fans, the Portsmouth FC supporters trust to be precise.

Real Oviedo, a Spanish club in the Spanish third division were in need of €2 million by November 17th otherwise they would have gone bust but former players such as Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata and Michu have all bought shares into the club as have many many others, fans of Real Oviedo and football lovers alike.

The club have communicated through social networks for help and the response has been inspiring to say the least. The team have cut the deficit dramatically and beat Real Madrid C 1-0 at the weekend in a league game. The team are currently 4th and 5 points behind top spot.

Hearts FC on the other hand have undergone financial hardships but in comparison to the other two clubs, Hearts have remained in the top division in Scotland.

Similar to Real Oviedo, the Edinburgh based club have appealed to their fans in a desperate plea on their official website. The club urged fans to buy tickets for upcoming home games and subscribe to a £1.79million share issue.

They have now reported that the ticket centre and online store were doing “brisk business”. Director Sergejus Fedotovas said: “This is a very tough period for Heart of Midlothian FC and we need the fans to back the club as much as they can”.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in investing in a ‘dying’ club. I see it as only a positive to do what we can to help clubs improve and continue going. It is also a form of gratitude to be a ‘shareholder’ of a club as well as something to show off with to your friends and family.

Financial gain is unlikely but investing in a club adds another dimension to supporting a team.

If you would like to buy shares at Real Oviedo, please visit and follow the steps.

Also visit,,10289,00.html for details of purchasing shares for Hearts FC.

Have you done your bit to help?

image: © daniel.richardson0685