Now this is a real classic.

The Independent Recruitment Group has this amazing email exchange, which has now gone viral.

It involves a rec-to-rec (basically a recruitment consultant who recruits for recruitment firms).

Here’s the edited transcript:

Recruitment Consultant:

Good afternoon,

Hope you are well.

I’ve just had this IT Recruitment Consultant candidate xxxxx in I thought may be of interest to you:- (CV attached)……

Would you like to meet him?!

Many thanks and kind regards

Recruitment Firm

Hi ….,

I’m afraid he is (already) known to us as I know him from xxxxx and Simon (not his real name) who sits next to me knows him (too) I’m afraid his reputation precedes him in the market hence a big no from us…

Recruitment Consultant:

I’ve got 2 outstanding references on him, I wouldn’t take Simon’s word for it! Lol he’s a complete idiot, I rang him on the weekend and he started throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old girl because I said hello… a friendly voice, if people like Simon can make it in to your company, my candidate is of much higher integrity than that low life.

The person from the recruitment firm then forwards the email conversations to ‘Simon’

Simon: (heavily edited)


Thank you for your kind words…. (But) I would suggest my experience of your service suggest(s) that I am slightly better placed to determine what constitutes “an idiot” than you are……..


Regarding (the candidate you sent to us). we (were) based in the same office…. during my many years with my previous employer. I worked there when he… “left” for more than one reason, thus, suggesting I have a better knowledge of your candidates than you do.


In addition, my role …(here) is to grow a team of permanent consultants, I look forward to the many placements that other rec to recs will make (because you won’t get the business)….

Kind regards

Recruitment Consultant:

Who in gods name has time to type all that up??? Get on the phone man and do some work!!, I’ve forwarded this to your MD, because you should be working now, not emailing rec2rec’s I certainly haven’t the time to engage with you, you embarrassed yourself at the weekend, and now are sounding like some little old lady wickering on! Lol!

‘Simon’ then sends the email chain to various acquaintances in the industry


If you ever want to avoid a bad rec to rec read the email trail below……….. to(o) funny!!

The emails then go viral

Then Sean O’Donoghue, the Founder of The Independent Recruiting Group, gets involved and emails the recruiter

Sean O’Donoghue:


I hope you are well – although I’m sure you’ve had much better days!

Just to make you aware, we’ve today published a new blog on our industry website, which showcases the email communication between yourself and the two recruiters at ……. In doing so, we have censored personal and company names in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

However, we have now received the original email trail from over 50 of our member firms – so it’s clear that a very large amount of people in our industry will have seen the original content.

In addition, our blog has only been up just over an hour, and already is starting to go viral. If you’d care to make a public apology… this would be a great place for you to do so.

It’s entirely up to you, but in the interests of fairness, we just wanted to let you know about our blog up front – before you come across it via one of your networks.

Kind Regards,

Recruitment Consultant:

So what let it go viral, don’t email me ok, you are boring I’ve no idea who you are, other than a man with far too much time on his hands and a busy body – you aren’t a client or a candidate

I’ve 10 minutes then I’m finished for the day as I’ve smashed my target this week already! at which point I’ll be going to the gym, maybe having some camomile tea, doing a bit of shopping and relaxing if you want to blog that too, I’ve got details on my shoe size and will be changing in(to) a pink pair of socks lol!

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