The NHL Lockout continues

Just as the NFL’s lockout of its referees came to a close, the NHL announced it has cancelled the remaining preseason games ahead of the 2012 season that is now seriously in jeopardy.

Games until 30th September had already been cancelled, but with the season scheduled to start on 11th October and the lockout already 12 days old, the two sides’ talks look nowhere near close to a settlement.

Talks have stalled over the decision on how to split $3 billion per year, although they are expected to continue negotiations through the weekend.

The league hopes that players will be more forthcoming when the first paychecks are due at the start of the regular season, giving owners more bargaining power.

Several details need to be agreed upon before the new collective bargaining agreement can be signed, including travel, medical care, pension and benefits.

The league is said to be trying to negotiate a lower share of revenue going to the players, while the players naturally are reluctant to do so and want benefits to be increased.

Last season the NBA was forced into scheduling a reduced schedule after a similar lockout meant the season started almost two months late in December.

image: © kazandrew2