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Where is the vilification for Andre Santos?

After being caught speeding at 145mph, potentially endangering lives, should the Arsenal defender be made an example of?

No story has dominated the football landscape last week more then the John Terry ‘racism case’ at FA headquarters. After a protracted ordeal the FA finally found him guilty of the charges put against him and he was banned for four games and fined a measly fee for a professional footballer.

While there has also been a lot of talk over whether he should have been charged by the FA anyway, or why he received a much more lenient punishment then that of Luis Suarez, an argument that is understandable, another thing that amazes me is how little vilification has followed Andre Santos of Arsenal.

The Brazilian full-back was arrested last month and charged with dangerous driving and driving without paying due care and attention, both serious charges. When you actually look into the case, it is almost astonishing to see exactly what he was charged with.

Caught speeding at a top velocity of 145mph in rush hour traffic, while being unknowingly pursued by police it is almost astonishing that he only received a £3,600 fine and a 12-month-ban from driving in the UK.

When asked why he hadn’t realised he was being pursued by the flash he announced that he was simply ‘listening to his music to loud’ and ‘wasn’t paying attention’.

Now while obviously racism is a cultural abhorrence that needs stamping out,  dangerous driving is just as big a problem, especially amongst the youth of today, with death the ultimate penalty.

Do the players of the Premier League not have a duty to set an example to young admirers?

Wayne Rooney was told so after swearing down a camera, yet as I recall I don’t know anybody who has died as a result of a swear word being shouted down a camera. Yet the death-tolls caused by dangerous driving are horrifying.

Yet all I have heard from fans so far about the incident is an admittedly rather witty chant that goes ‘He drives like he wants, he drives like he wants, Andre Santos, he drives like he wants’.

Now while many will say that the FA should not get involved with something that has been dealt with in a court of law, they just have with John Terry so should they, or Arsenal football club, impose similar sanctions on the Brazilian for his life endangering recent actions.

What do you think?

image: © Ronnie Macdonald

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