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Why was Elland Road so empty for Leeds United's big night?

Leeds United beat Everton last night 2-1, but did they miss an opportunity to get more fans in the gate?

Watching Leeds United versus Everton I can’t help feel the Elland Road club could have lowered the price of the match tickets as it’s a cup game. With respect to the Capital One Cup it’s hardly at the top of the trophy list.

But it’s still a great trophy to win. All I could see was empty seats so why not let the kids in for a couple of quid?

The club makes money as the seats are empty anyway so where’s the harm? I’m sure both teams would rather play in front of a packed house and the passion of the Yorkshire crowd would be even more fantastic.

I loved as a child going to an evening game under the lights; add to that the wet conditions and it’s a great night.

Due to the conditions maybe some stayed away; on top of that it was on TV of which Leeds get paid for, so why not lower the price? It’s a winner all round.

The full attendance was 21,164 - almost half of the stadium's 39,000 capacity. Tickets for juniors (under 16s) at Elland Road cost £11 last night, and the cheapest adults at £20.

Leeds beat a top flight side and more kids could have been in to see it; just a waste. Did supporter disenchantment with Ken Bates play a part?

It is very possible- Leeds had 24,000 through the gate when they hosted Forest on Saturday, and their average attendance last season was around 23,500.

However with the visit of an established Premier League team, surely the attendance should have risen not dipped, had the club marketed the match effectively.

Norwich and Arsenal are lowering their prices as are QPR who are playing Premier League opposition; just £10  compared to £30-£40 for a league match.

Manchester United hasn’t changed the price at all and I bet the excuse is they’re playing Newcastle United, but they are unlikely to fill their £76,000 capacity - their quarter final agains Crystal Palace in the competiton attracted £52,000 odd, a great attendance, but far short of what they are used to.

Times are hard for all of us but there is nothing better than taking your child or family to a football game. It costs over a £100 for a family of four to see a Premier League match now take that down to ten pounds a ticket and that’s so much more attractive.

Football clubs are always telling us they’re ‘family clubs’ and so part of the community so how about giving a little back?

They will reap the rewards if they go on a good cup run in prize money and more games so why not hand some of that on to the fans?

Cups games are a one off and as so are more exciting; bring a child along to a good one and he or she is hooked for life!

image: © Chris Robertshaw

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