Roberto Mancini vs Scottish managers...

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini was at his temperamental best last night clashing with Aston Villa's Paul Lambert after defeat. He is not the first Scotsman he has had issues with...

Maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s a communication breakdown, or maybe it’s the mildly aggressive displays of emotion shown on the touchline… but there’s something that brings out the ugly side in Mancini when facing Scottish managers?

In the wake of Manchester City exiting the ‘Capital One’ Cup Mancini has announced that he is “very tired” of the behaviour of other managers. The angry Italian’s outburst came moments after a 4-2 extra time defeat, which included a lengthy touchline spat with Villa boss Lambert. "I didn't say anything to him [Lambert]," he said. "There are some managers it is better to shut up."

With the match still finely balanced the City manager became enraged by Bennett’s unpunished tackle on Gareth Barry. Mancini commented, "I asked the fourth official if there was a yellow card, without moving my hands, and he comes over to me,"

"I can understand if I was talking to him but I didn't say anything. I am very tired with their behaviour. Sometimes these managers go to the big stadiums and the other manager says everything and they say nothing.

"When they go to [Old] Trafford, they say nothing. When other managers talk about the referee they always sit on the bench. I don't like this type of behaviour."

It is not the first time that Mancini has become embroiled in a well publicised touchline clash with a Scottish manager. In April 2012 he became engaged in a ferocious, yet comical, finger jousting contest with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Scot accused Mancini of “refereeing the game,” incensed by a home loss that gifted City control in the title chase.

In 2010 another Scot felt Mancini’s wrath when he physically quarrelled with David Moyes. Believing the Everton manager to be “time wasting,” when picking up the ball in injury time, the Italian launched himself, chest first, at Moyes like a designer clad bully.

Mancini was later found guilty of improper conduct and fined £20,000 by the FA. Lambert has played down last night’s incident saying, "If that's what he said then fine, I respect him as a manager and an ex-player. It wasn't really a spat. It was nothing."

Mancini’s next opportunity to battle a Scottish manager comes with Manchester City’s trip to West Bromwich on 20th October, who knows what could happen?

image: © Mafue

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