Here’s 10 ways fired employees got their revenge on their ex-bosses / former firms.

A 44-year-old woman in southern Sweden who was fired from her job took revenge on her former boss by desecrating her daughter’s grave.

A fired employee took his revenge by making 30 hoax bomb calls to offices of his former employer around the US.

A sacked worker admitted planting malware on his former employer’s computer network in a revenge attack

A disgruntled ex-employee sought revenge on the data-company who fired him by hacking into their computer system and erasing an entire database of contacts.

An angry employee who was made redundant sought revenge by planting a dead bird in a hidden filing cabinet, in order to really stink up the place.

A former IT manager received a  suspended jail sentence for illegally hacking into his old company’s IT systems and rigging his former boss’s Powerpoint presentation to display pornographic photos.

An unhappy ex-employee who was made redundant, hacked into his bosses email and sent obscene messages to the senior management team and the company board.

An employee who discovered she was about to be let go decided to seek revenge on her boss by making sure his wife new about his affair.

A disgruntled ex-employee posted a listing for ‘free household and garage contents’, quoting his former boss’s address. The listing claimed the homeowners were moving to Puerto Rico and didn’t want to keep anything. The ad indicated anyone could come down and take whatever they want. Investigators say the listing gave directions to the home, and even provided the garage code.

An angry employee who was given 4 weeks notice used the company credit card to get a year’s supply of ‘male enhancement’ pills delivered a variety of senior staff around the office.