Sweet Waitrose Tweets

Waitrose Stratford

Really, no business would be safe asking an open-ended question. So should Waitrose be surprised by the answers they received to the question, "I shop at Waitrose because_______________?" We think not.

Full disclosure: we love Waitrose. Aside from the quarterly stock-up trip to Costco (OK, and the semi-regular visits to Borough Market), we see no reason for any other supermarket. And we think that the world would be a better place if Waitrose would just go global. But we couldn't help but laugh at some of the responses they received to their Twitter campaign.

A visit to the Twitter page reveals the following:

  • I shop at Waitrose because I can guarantee never to see David Cameron there cos he's too busy trying to be ordinary
  • I shop at Waitrose because the smoked unicorn at M&S uses artificial colouring
  • I shop at Waitrose because I am a good middle class girl with a private education + a penchant for Coriander&Rose Salt
  • I like to shop at waitrose because they have rotisserie swan

And then, of course, there are plenty of comments on whether this campaign is another example of a corporate being out of touch with reality. Or if Waitrose knew what it was doing.

Either way, the chain has thirty thousand people following them. And in briefly checking in, we discover a few most interesting facts, like the fact that the smallest Waitrose is just 525 sq ft and can be found inside British Airways’ Head Office.

Interesting, no?

As for us, we shop at Waitrose because we like it when good aesthetics meet good quality. And we dig being able to buy a £40 magnum of Champagne.

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