Show-Off Protection for Your iPhone 5

Handbag Case

Of course there's already a big market for these - the phone comes out today. And of course, a few of them are marginally obnoxious. But a number of them are very cool.

IPhone Cases

Case making is a huge industry in and of itself. After all, once you've dropped and broken one uncased phone, you don't make that mistake again. If you had a lot of time and disposable income on your hands, you'd have different cases to coordinate with your mood (OK, or outfit).

There's an elegant quilted leather option, and arty bamboo cases. There's one that holds your credit card or ID, and another one that's an armband with a sweat-proof cover.

There's even a hand-bag phone case. This is the one we're going with. Given how often we leave the house with only keys and phone in hand, it seems rather practical (however hilarious).

Handbag Case

Of course, we're haven't pre-ordered our phone, and we're certainly not showing up at the Apple store at the crack of dawn tomorrow. So who knows when we'll actually get one. But once we do, it will be protected. And probably in a boring, black case.