Confessions Of An Old Banker - Young Bankers Have A Lot To Learn

'I'm 43 now, but when I was 22 I too walked away from banking to pursue my dream - which was to be a stand up comedian. After about a year, however, the 'reality' of my new life started to dawn on me...

This post was sent in by an 'old banker' in response to Confessions Of A Young Banker - The Day I Snapped

The 'reality' that eventually dawned on me is that there are no dream jobs; there's no nirvana existence where everything 'clicks' and you are satisfied.

Even jobs where you possess both talent and a passion in the end can become monotonous, irritating, politicized, uninspiring dross.

Our young banker references the 'sad middle class bland' people of banking. And that's true. But this diescription is also mostly true of all professions, and not just restricted to the banking industry.

And OK, we know all bankers work long hours, but that's also true in any profession - ask any doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer, IT professional, etc. There are few occupations these days which allow you to acheive success without putting in the hours.

My own 'snapping point', all those years ago, was when I figuratively grew up. When I realized that banking is neither the best industry in the world, nor the worst. When I finally understood that, although there will always be corporate horseshit, there's also the satisfaction of doing a good job for your clients. And it was when I realized that, with all the bravado, chest beating, and competitive nonsense that comes with the industry, there's also a strong sense of camaraderie and team spirit. In short, I grew up and was able to see the big picture.

Once I had this realization, a couple of years after I first left the industry, I packed in my job trying to be a comedian and returned to banking, transitioning initially from a contractor and managed to build a successful career doing something that, despite its shortcomings, I actually enjoy.

My job and the industry I rejoined is clearly the same as it ever was - the only difference is that I came to appreciate the positives and accept those bad days when things don't go as I'd ideally like.

Good luck to the young banker who now hopes to make it in the music industry. There's nothing wrong with chasing a dream. The reality for most of us, however, is that it forever remains a dream. But just because we don't end up in that 'dream' job doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a very fulfilling career'.

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