Brandon Weeden gets caught under a flag ahead of Browns opener

Rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden suffered an embarrassing start ahead of his first ever NFL game.

Brandon Weeden was the 22nd pick in the NFL draft, but in truth pundits and fans alike expect little from the rookie quarterback in his first year for the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns finished bottom of the AFC North last season, and are odds on to do the same again this year.

Even so they almost beat the Philadelphia Eagles in their season opener, losing 17-16.

Both Weeden and the highly rated veteran Michael Vick had terrible games, Vick throwing four interceptions before finally finding a route to victory at the last.

Weeden threw four interceptions himself, and made two fumbles, and admitted his debut was a bit of a disaster.

"Obviously, things did not go as I expected or how I hoped they would today, I take a lot of pride in playing better than that, and I put our team in a lot of bad situations. I’m down right now, and I expect to play better.”

He should have known it was not going to be his day when he got caught under a giant flag ahead of kick-off. You can watch just how it happened below.

image: © daniel erik drost

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