It sounds somewhat dramatic, yet it’s not unheard of for senior level managers to cultivate their leadership strategy by enrolling in acting classes early on in their career.

MBA programs demonstrate that role-playing Shakespearean characters can challenge students on how to create a strong presence, and help their advancement into leadership roles. Students learn how to deliver a better performance with confidence whether they are leading a meeting, delivering a speech, representing their firm or speaking to members of their team – all acts where command of an audience’s attention is essential.

Students can go on to become strong leaders who deliver their objectives in the form of inspiring well articulated goals, inspiring their teams to action. Team members are shown to be motivated and respond well to a manager who knows how to empower his or her ‘people’ with an effective stage worthy presence.

Demonstrating leadership qualities in this way means going against the grain, sticking your neck out a little and going big, by throwing in a dash of drama to get everyone in the room’s attention. Making big footprints is what makes you memorable and gives you visibility in a firm – theatre style.

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