Successful Women Never Accept The Word 'No'

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By guest columnist Marisa R. Santoro

As a career woman, you can either accept rejection, or walk away ready to fire up Plan B.

Smart ambitious career women never accept the word ‘no’ for an answer. Their mantra is that the word ‘no’ really means ‘not right now’, and they proceed accordingly.

Success-minded women find a way to go around  the person blocking their idea, or go back in at a later time to resubmit their proposal from another angle.

Here are some bold boundary breaking moves you can try:

Start cutting deals that will make for a win-win - deals that will make your boss look good too. Think creatively, and put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other side of the table.

Can you tip-toe around the person and get buy-in from someone else who can help ? A last resort maybe, but go for it - just keep in mind work-politics and company protocol.

Scout for a mentor who is senior to you in another department. They know how to get things done, and can help you navigate your business mission in subtle ways.

In the final analysis, though, no one holds the key to a succesful career - except you. If you can’t take down the wall in front of you, find a way to move it by swapping ‘no’ for ‘not right now'. It's the pathway to success.

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