Sleep Under The Stars In Luxury

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Without having to battle the elements!

Have you always dreamt of falling asleep gazing at the stars in the arms of your lover, in comfort and luxury? Well now you can!

The Attrap Rêves bubble hotel in the secluded French countryside, just outside of Marseille, offers you an exclusive experience of sleeping under the stars in one of their super chic transparent pods. The "bubbles" were designed by French designer Pierre Stéphane, who's aim was to give his clients an eco-friendly camping experience without losing all the of luxuries that come with a hotel stay.

Each bubble is around 13 feet in diameter, with enough room for a double bed, chairs and side table. Some bubble tents are partly opaque, for those who want to do a little more than sleep a little more privacy! A 1 night stay in a bubble starts at €109.




This is the semi private pod :



Image Source : © Attrap Rêves

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