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The Pepper Gallery's latest collection of art from some very exciting emerging and established artists ...

Charlie Mackesy, Richard Snowden, William Savage, Odile Kidd, Rowena Diggle, Katie James, Stephanie Stow, John Bellany, Anne Michael, James Napier and Beatrice Ridley, are the latest artist to exhibit their work in The Pepper Gallery.

Artists lives, often characterized by talent, struggle and boundless passion, can lead to many different fates. In the case of these Pepper Gallery artists, enormous amounts of talent and equal amounts of struggle have resulted in strikingly impressive careers. All have involved toil, faith and serendipity.

Patrick Laughing, Charlie Mackesy Charlie Mackesy has worked tirelessly for 20 years as painter and sculptor. Surmounting tragic personal losses, serious illnesses and accidents, he single handedly turned his life around. In his quest to express his innermost soul and by representing his deep sense of spirituality in his art, he has become one of Britain’s leading and most compelling artists. He now has an enormous following, numerous international exhibitions, public works commissions (including a dramatic and breath-taking 7metre triptych in St. Paul’s Church in Hammersmith) and most recently, an approach to show his work at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

St Boswell Street, Richard SnowdenFarmer by day and artist by night, Richard Snowden fought a debilitating cancer for 18 months which the doctors said he would not survive. Proving them soundly wrong, Richard’s vibrant work is a testimony to his will to live and has resulted in sell out exhibitions of his work all over the world. His striking use of rich colours is also all the more astounding as he is colour blind.

6 Dot Horses,Alicia RothmanAlicia Rothman, a New York artist, fought a long and hard battle to succeed in America over many decades. After battling against the odds and with sheer persistence, her collection of subtle and original work has generated a considerable following. Many private and public collections now show her work, including the White House.

Floating Gold, Beatrice Ridley“This exhibition is a homage to the lives of the extraordinary artists who created this wonderful collection of work. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to exhibit them”, Pepper Gallery’s owner, Beatrice Ridley says. 

This sensational exhibition of paintings and sculptures that the Pepper Gallery is holding in Kensington for this exclusive week covers a huge variety of modern themes. The subjects will range from soulful portraits and smokey jazz scenes; African animals to sheep on the Yorkshire hills; still lives and unique rural and urban perspectives. Collectively, the work gives a fascinating view into contemporary 21st century life.

The show will cover a huge range of modern themes. Prices range from £400 to £35,000.

Exhibition opens, 11-17 June 2012, Monday-Saturday: 9.30am -6pm, Sunday: 10am-3pm, 225 Kensington Church Street, London, W8.


Image Source : © The Pepper Gallery

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